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before congress voted to pass the affordable care act in 2010, president obama told americans who wanted to keep their health insurance, yes, you can. and the following 3 1/2 years, mr. obama and administration officials repeated this promise. so many times that the white house website, white now has 102,000 matches for the words, quote, you can keep your insurance, unquote. this week, president obama went to boston on the same day health and human services secretary appeared on capitol hill. the obama mission, a 9/11 emergency rescue of obama care after its disastrous october rollout. the tactic, defend and attack. broke out concerning 10 million americans who have health coverage under individual or small group plans. they are getting notice from insurance companies that obama care regulations mean that when it comes to keeping their current plans, no, they can't. white house spokesman is already elastsizing, adding a triple x sized caveat. the canceled plans were substandard and the new mandatory often costlier plans will be better. once the exchange website works, that is.
a distance. if you were president obama, what choice would you make? i'd like to hear your succinct and considered response. write me at or on facebook. i promise to read every response. >>> let's turn now to another big story most of us know even less about than drones. tpp, the trans-pacific partnership. it's a trade agreement the united states is negotiating with australia, canada, japan and eight other countries in the pacific region. if you don't know about the tpp, and few do, it's because the powerful people behind it, including president obama, don't want you to know. the negotiations are shrouded in secrecy, and once they are completed, obama wants to rush the agreement through congress, fast-tracking, they call it, with our elected representatives given the choice only of voting it up or down. last year, over 130 members of congress asked the white house for more transparency about what's being negotiated and were essentially told to go fly a kite. you can be sure of this, however. a select group of corporate partners, companies like generax electric, goldma
the real decisions. the man that we talked about last year, mr. obama. we had real hopes for him. right away, he caved on afghanistan. what he has said since then is an extension of the military industrial security state. now it is global. the soviet union ended in 1991, but we didn't stop growing. now we are listening on the whole world. we have space weaponry. we have drowned weaponry. we have cyber warfare. we have the -- we are the strongest country in the world bar none. no one can stand up to us. tavis: what do you make of the high hopes that you and others had for this president on this and other issues? let's just stay with the spying and the drones in the torture. -- and the torture. >> i am really surprised. i really believed in obama. i believed in transparent government policies and none of that has transpired. on the contrary, he is a better manager of the empire than bush ever was. it is wrong. he is a constitutional s cholar. bush made a fatal flaw. we were attacked by terrorists. instead of hunting down those people through intelligence, informers, through the usual proc
are teetering on the brink of collapse. article talking about the obama care debacle. they are saying it is much like issue.rina that is true if not being able to log on is as ad is being stuck in the superdome for days. people tryingany to shape the way we see it that it is really clutter. of shaping the way we see things, is it me, or ofwe concur the rewriting the obama narrative is happening before our eyes? people always say they build you up, and then they tear you down. i said, they build you up to tear you down. mediathe rub against the in 2008 was that he had the media in his pocket, but that narrative is being rewritten. seems to me now they want to write a narrative where he is going to end up being a two-term jimmy carter, a failed president. >> i think you cannot put two- term and jimmy carter in the same sentence. i think the media is like society where we get tired very quickly. see great sports teams, and people say, i am tired of them winning. i think people get exhausted with the level of success, and that can turn around and become your nemesis where people have seen you as suc
minimum standards. speaking to reporters at the white house today, mr. obama admitted administration botched the rollout of the health care law and said he regretted his assurances that americans could keep plans if they liked it, that turned out to be wrong. >> i think it's legitimate for them to expect me to have to win back some credibility on this health care law in particular and on a whole range of issues in general. and, you know, that's on me. i mean, we fumbled the rollout on this health care law. >> and house speaker john boehner did not mince words on his prescription for the health care law. >> promise after promise for this administration has turned out to be in the true. so when it comes to this health care law, the lighthouse doesn't have much credibility. and let's be clear, the only way to fully protect the american people is to scrap this law once and for all. >> john harwood joins us now from washington with more on this. you know, john, a lot of people wondering and questioning today, can president obama make these rule changes? i mean, after all the affordable ca
everyone. the first score card on obama care is out and it's not good. just 106000 americans enrolled and went through their state, not the results are worst than expected and bertha coombs joins us with a break down of the numbers. bertha, i know you've been going through the information. who did succeed in signing up? >> we don't really know. they didn't really give us demographic information. they just basically gave us the numbers of what they saw. in terms of people that actually selected a plan at this point, we're talking about 106,000 and as you mentioned, the majority of those came through the state based exchanges that have been working fairly well, only 26,000, nearly 27,000 managed to select a plan. some of them paid, a lot of them haven't but haven't select add plan through the federal exchange as we know, they had a lot of troubles for a lot of people. it's been frustrating. what is interesting is to see the wide variety, more people were able to select a plan on the california exchange than were on the federal exchange and this is just fo
. to what extent can california succeed if obama care nationally in some way fails or falls short? >> well, california, i think, is actually doing a really good job. we're showing other states what it means when a state comes together to say, let's not play politics with our citizens. let's enroll them and covered in health care. there's a 16 other states that are also state-based exchanges like us. new york, washington, connecticut. they're doing a good job. but in air year or two welcome people in states like texas or florida want what california has, insured people getting good coverage that's affordable. >> quickly, if the national website did you want get fixed in a timely way, can -- i mean, we're dependent on that, aren't we? >> absolutely not. for people that need to enroll in coverage in california, we're not using the federal website at all. instead, we actually do a checkup against the irs, the federal hub. so covered california at covered, we do not use were link or depend on a different website. we do, though, ping against the irs and this is an example
genetically modified foods to be labeled? >>> president obama met with the chef executives of some of the nation's biggest come pae ppaniy with immigration reform. the economic benefits of legislation that already passed in the senate but facing a tough challenge in the republican controlled house. >> we know that the senate bipartisan bill that already passed would grow the economy by $1.4 trillion above and beyond the growth that's already taken place. we know it will reduce our deficit by $850 billion. >> the president says the senate passed a bill that would secure the nation's boarders and provide a road to citizen ship for 11 million immigrants already in the u.s. but initially entered illegally. >> the white house is asking other ceos to explain why some american's health insurance plans were canceled. the chief of staff met with some of the nation's largest health insurancers today getting their in put on the market place and explaining cancellations notices sent to customers signing up for new plans on state and federal websites. >>> at a state senate commit
was married to jackie o. there were so many comparisons between brock obama and jenna kennedy when he ran. he got the endorsement of caroline kennedy and ted kennedy. before barack obama, there was the picture of bill clinton shaking jfk's hand at the white house. he tried to get some of that kennedy mystique. i wonder whether or not, when all is said and done, it is impossible, given the cynicism, given the nature of our society, that anybody will ever rise to the celebrity -- to the level of celebrity as president that john kennedy had and still has 50 years later. >> i think you're absolutely right that it would be a monumental achievement. the kind of 24/7 news cycle that presidents have to struggle with -- also, it is the fact that kennedy had an unfinished presidency, and we can write on that blank slate and he thing we want. you know, when the president serves for eight years the way bill clinton did, and now the way barack obama is serving, people see their flaws. they are not able to sustain that kind of magic, the mystique which they enter the office with. kennedy still holds on to
, the obama administration has been heavilyj supported by exelon corporation, which is one of the largest nuclear operators in the united states. and so, you imagine that's why he's not talking about what's going on in fukushima. so, we have to do it ourselves. >> and you've been arrested how many times? i don't -- >> three times. >> three times. when you both were arrested, what happened to your medical licenses? did you lose them? >> i'm very fortunate that in the state of maryland when i reapplied for my license and put on my application that i had been arrested they actually didn't question it. but i was completely prepared for that. i actually wanted to have that conversation with our state, you know, board of physicians because i think that more physicians should be standing up. if you look at the crisis of our situation in this country when it comes to health, and it's more than health care. it's the other social factors that are going on as well, i don't understand how physicians can stand by and allow this to happen without standing up for what's going on. how can be complicit wi
together, obama care, the affordable care act. we see huge problems with the health care portals people are going to for the health care exchanges, not so much the ones run by california but nationally run. what do you make of that, they are totally unprepared, the government is not going fast enough to new technology instead of building it on this thing we invented in san francisco called the cloud. they didn't ask you. >> they didn't ask us or anyone associated with the cloud to help them and building these old systems not scaling and got themself into a pickle on that one. >> last question i want to ask you about your grandmother who is 100. tell me about her and what influence she had on you. >> my grand hmother had a phenomenal impact on me. she's 100 so your research is good. when i was growing up and first getting involved in business and in computers, she was really by my side the whole way. i was working at this jewelry shop and polishing the cases and she came to me and said you know what? you make enough money and we'll buy that $500 computer and i'll match you. you make 250
on the side of bankers and finance capital, right. >> are you talking about obama? >> i'm talking about what you say. >> i know, i know. >> but you do -- i must be fair and say that you go on in that same chapter of one of these books to say isn't it time we forget trying to pressure obama to do the right thing? >> obama to me is symptomatic to me of the liberal center. but the issue is much greater than him. i mean, the issue is in a system that is entirely broken. it's broken. elections are bought by big money. the political process is not in the hands of the people. it's in the hands of very few people. and it seems to me we have to ask ourselves what kind of formative culture needs to be put in place in which education becomes central to politics, in which politics can be used to help people to be able to see things differently, to get beyond this system that is so closed, so powerfully normalized. i mean, the right since the 1970s has created a massive cultural apparatus, a slew of anti-public intellectuals. they've invaded the universities with think tanks. they have foundations. they
, president obama and congress. >>> and one of of the country's big home builders is where we begin the focus, tri-point homes is buying it for $2.7 billion, the transaction will give tri-point access to land in key markets and make the company one of the ten biggest markets in the united states. the shares rose to 15.16, wearhouse up a fraction, to 3730. and shares of cisco rose, the giant faced higher food profits and business, which was down from last year, the stock went up more than 4% to 33.96. >>> and active investment certainly working for icahn, they say now is the time to be an activist investor because of local rates and management at u.s. companies. shares at icahn rose to 108.95. and a comeback helped vulcan. their net income more than doubled in the third quarter, revenues trumped consensus. the stock became the best performing stock in the s&p 500 today. >>> and lululemon's problems surfaced again today. they are hit with complaints that some of their pants are see-through, shares plummeted when they had to recall their new line. shares rose 2% to 69.33. >>> and we've all heard
. out andkeeps coming convincing everybody that we are trying to take way their rights. barack obama is trying to steal their rights. i do not know. these changes towards peace go so slowly. tavis: that meaning can go a lot of different ways. there is political meeting -- meaning and social meaning and spiritual meaning. talked me about the spiritual meaning. what is the take away for those about -- who believe in that sort of thing? >> the take away is that the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. what would jesus do, what would the disciples do, they show up and they are heartbroken and get everybody water and sit with them and they say more will be revealed and they say this is a very small piece of eternity. i wrote in the book, i felt that god does not show anyone away. the shooter was a child of god. he did not make himself mentally ill. he was born with certain predispositions and this country, especially since reagan was governor of california has given as little as possible for mental health and for the people and cannotry poor get the decent me
, and there are so many black women that are part of our culture, from beyoncÉ to michelle obama, you run the list, who is going to play these the wayrs on "snl," so they chose to do with the crisis that is now being brought to the and in "the new york times" everyone else, lisagay, is to spoof it when kerry washington was on the show. it, to mya joke of mind, made a mockery of a very real issue. everybody has their own opinion, lornenl" is a comedy, and michaels can choose to do what he wants to do, but they chose to make a joke out of what is a really we are -- real issue about the lack of opportunities for african-american women in this business. that is a long way to ask you about how you stay so dedicated to the craft, remain in this business, when it seems to be an uphill battle, and that is true for most after his. let's be honest of it, regardless of the collar, they do not roll into work everyday. there are only a handful of people that can greenlight their script. most actors are working actors. but for a black woman, it is even more of an uphill struggle, and when you see a show like "s
think that barack obama, do you think that this was martin luther king's vision? no, martin was a leader and barack is a politician. i can be what i was because i never hated anybody. i was dealing with the situation. , i dealing with the family am a fan of the family and the family is a fan of you. , have had friends and students you can see that their parents are holding back. i do not want to say forget your mother or father, but you have to go beyond because you have experiences that are different. look at where we are right now. kids do not know albums. kids do not know record albums. kids do not know landline phones. there is a generation right behind us who will not know television because everything that they will see will be on their iphone. what you have to do is approach whatever it is you're dealing with as you understand and as you can make sense out of it. this is not psychology. writing is not a substitute for your analysts or something. writing is something that you can share that somebody can come back in 40 years -- i wrote my first book in 1968. tavis: what you said ra
are being forced into the individual exchange. >> president obama's often repeated pledge about keeping your coverage. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. >> is ringing hallow for eileen, she is now thinking of giving up her job in order to keep her doctor and her plan. >> i love what i do and i love working for that company. and i can see the potential and there are people there working with me to -- to get promote -- promoted. to get with a better position, and now we're hit with this. >> coming up, millions of americans may be hitting the road this thanksgiving weekend. but that number is down sharply since the great recession, leaving some private toll road investors paying the price. >>> as millions of americans get ready to hit the road for the thanksgiving holiday the number is far fewer than just a few years ago. and that big drop means profits have proved elusive for private investors who put money into the private bridges and toll roads used by the public. >> reporter: 43 million americans will hit the road over the upcoming holiday weekend, ac
", at the new york stack exchange. >>> the obama administration called in powerful ex terminators to kill the bugs in the health care.glove website. experts are working with the firms that developed the struggling online marketplace to ensure stability and security for the millions of health insurance shoppers. >>> for the first time in five years, the federal government ran a budget deficit below $1 trillion. thanks to the cuts in the sequester and higher tax revenues, the budget short fall for 2013 $2013 is $680 billion, lowest since 2008. >>> coming up, cities that have one or two days of cash on hand left. the ramifications coming up but first, a look how international markets faired today. >>> the buckle of the day where we start tonight's market focus and why not on this halloween? far su pharmaceuticals ariad after it stopped an on going trial of the medicine over safety concerns. the stock down almost 45% today and look at this next chart, down 88% for the month. >>> and ding dong, avon falling, the shares tanked after they reported a big earnings miss. a drop in north american sa
: just signed, the obama overseer says their measurements are showing that page loads are taking less than 1 second on average across the site. but here at use egg testing they are seeing wide disparities and kansas city, kansas, pretty good, 4 seconds but next door in kansas city, missouri, it was taking over 30 seconds. to improve your own experience, they suggest making sure you have the latest version of your web browser. clearing your cashe history and of tim miezing the connection and make sure you're not slowed down by sharing wi-fi for example. health officials vow the site will work smoothly by the end of this month. >> they will see a surge of activity they better plan for. >> reporter: because the stakes are too high now for another failure. bertha coombs, "nightly business report." >>> still ahead, a kodak moment. the iconic brand is back on the big board but how does it company differ from the old and is it a good investment? >>> who says you can't go home again? kodak emerged from bankruptcy and traded again today on the new york stock exchange but as hampton pearson rep
. the obama administration says it will additionally curve economic growth in this, the current quarter. >>> while seventh focused on twitter, there are budget talks going on trying to avert another shut down but today senator lindsey graham says those talks are deadlocked. graham was quoted saying they were stuck she tried to say. for more on the budget talks, let's join john harwood. we've seen this movie before and the market was very volatile during that period of time. are we in for another round? >> well, sue, we have seen this movie, not only before but continuously for two years, ever since 2011 when the setup of the super committee trying to get a deal for additional deficit reduction but couldn't get it because of this very simple equation. republicans said to get a deal we need to cut entitlements, democrats said we need to raise taxes. republicans have not been willing to go there. the question is is there some sort of a deal that can evade that fundamental road block? the way to do it is shrink the deal small to make the entitlements not about social security and medicare,
. >>> of course, all of this comes as president obama met with top health care insurance ceos today at the white house, trying to drum up support for his latest fix to the law. he urged the companies to reinstate thousands of policies that were cancel the and enlisted their help to get the problem plagued website website back on track. he spoke about reaching out to those executives. >> i appreciate all these folks coming in. we'll be soliciting ideas from them so that in the years to come, every american will have the kind of affordable health care that they all deserve. >> well, john harwood joins us once again from washington tonight. we would love to know what was said in the meeting after the president spoke. , what happens next at this point? >> well, the most important thing that happens next is the effort between now and november 30th of the administration to meet it's pledge to get that website functioning smoothly. they reported progress so far and it was interesting that in the outside of the meeting, including the bite you played, bill, the president may clear his agen
was president obama's secretary of homeland security when she was chosen as the first woman to head the uc system. her surprise election set up protest for immigration policy during her tenure in washington. she's focused on governoring a system with ten campus, five medical centers and nearly a quarter million students. scott shafer sat down earlier with janet napolitano. >> president napolitano, welcome. >> thank you. >> this has been a tough few years for the university of california, budget cuts, tuition increases. you had rare good news and tuition for the coming year but you need help from sacramento. what do you need for that to happen? >> we want the state to be a partner with the university. we would like sacramento to adopt the governor's budget, which requests or would request another 5% for the university and treat the university with respect to pension the same way it treats the state university and colleges. >> that would help you out to the tune of how much? any idea, a lot? >> it would be quite helpful. we'll fight for the tuition freeze not just for this year but i want to
. in the meantime, news from the golden state. the board that covered california decided against president obama's insurance fix and will not let insurers fix cancelled plans. they are joining massachusetts, new york and this is where the enrollment is going well so they don't want to disrupt that. >> bertha coombs, appreciate it. >>> coming up, a look at baltimore's leaky infrastructure and the money being washed away with it as mission critical, fixing american cities continues. >>> google is coming out with something new. they will offer a prepaid debit card so you can pay at stores and withdrawal cash from atms. it's called the wallet card because it's tied to a smart phone app that works like paypal. the card will be free with no monthly or annual fees. >>> shares of tesla have taken a pounding after a series of battery fires but owners of tesla still love their cars and a new consumererer port says tesla model s received the highest customer satisfaction rating of any car the magazine surveys in years with owners giving the score 99 out of 100. >> wow. >>> all this week nbr looked at troub
this is taking place, is rapidly changing. >> reporter: it's an industry in transition. two years ago, the obama administration cleared the way for states to legalize online gambling. today, new jersey joined nevada and delaware as the only states that allow it. though, that number could jump to 21 within the next five years. >> i think internet gaming, slash gambling is an inevitable thing. states need revenue. gambling does that. you don't need to build big casinos, it's true the web. >> reporter: while they don't expect much of an impact it could signal a change is on the horizon. u.s. casinos generate revenue s of more than $37 billion last year, up nearly 5% from 2011 the and the highest figure since 2007 but the state's leading that growth might come as a bit of a surprise. while gambling meccas like las vegas and atlantic city are the top, in 2012 they grew 1.5% in nevada and fell 8% in new jersey. the big winners? states that opened new casinos like kansas and maryland, and each saw triple digit jumps. >> gambling brings a lot of tax revenues and jobs and good paying jobs and that is the
, the obama administration has delayed another part of the affordable care act because of lyingering problems with the website. administration is delaying for one year the ability of small businesses to use the website to buy health insurance for workers. they can use agents or brokers to buy coverage or go directly to insurers. late today there were reports, as well, hewlett packard will be a late inning replacement for verizon as the web host for the site. bertha coombs joins us with more. bertha what does this delay mean for small businesses and their employees? who does it affect? >> it affects businesses with fewer than 50 employees. they are not mandated to provide them with insurance, but this program, the shop its called for small businesses would allow them to look at plans and enroll employees automatically. originally they delayed it until november 1st and now it's being delayed another year. they will be able to get tax credits retroactively the way a lot of small businesses do it. it just indicates, tyler, they are having still a lot of technical issues on trying t
to the polls. we had our election. obama wins by five million votes. overwhelming majority in the electoral college. well, it's roughly a year later. we've got this, you know, now we have a conference committee on the debt. and what does everybody come in and talk about? well, maybe we can pull together a grand bargain. well, we can tinker around on social security, medicare and medicaid. well, with all due respect, i thought we settled that issue. we didn't settle it because "dollarocracy" has the ability to animate dead ideas. it, you can take an idea that's a bad idea, buried by the voters. "dollarocracy" can dig it up and that zombie idea will walk among us. >> so, when the conservative majority on the supreme court decides to monetize free speech, free speech becomes bought speech, we get what? >> what happened in the citizens united case is that it really had no effect whatsoever for 99% of the population. some very few people spend so much money, that being unleashed from existing laws would affect them. most people don't give money at all, and those that do only give $50 or $100, $2
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)